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WANworX™ for Multiple Sites powered by Ecessa

WANworX™ is so much more than hardware. It’s the most powerful way to build and manage layered Wide Area Networks. If your business has multiple locations that need to communicate amongst themselves, if your users can’t tolerate downtime or degraded application performance, if your locations need always-available access to your corporate data centres or cloud computing resources – you need WANworX™.


WANworX™ gives you the ability to intelligently manage your networks.

Managing a single WAN is easy. But when you build multiple WANs for the sake of redundancy, increasing bandwidth, adding locations, improving application performance or all of the above – you increase your management issues exponentially. It’s more than channel bonding. It’s more than optimization. WAN Virtualization (WV) adds multiple layers to create a network fabric that can deliver the resiliency and scale needed to achieve today’s and tomorrow’s network goals. WAN Virtualization by its nature is complex. WANworX™ enables you to easily build and manage all your networks, provide superior application performance and seamless uptime and meet all your goals without tearing out your hair. Add all the WAN links you want – it’s like one big happy network with WANworX™.

Digi station

Reconnect During Network Outages

The Digi TransPort WR21, a compact enterprise class cellular router, is a perfect solution for this application. It creates a secure, truly diverse backup data network using HSPA+/UMTS (3G) or LTE (4G) wireless data networks.

Other key features include:

  • Integrated IPsec VPN client/server ensures true end-to-end data protection
  • Upgradeable wireless network platform means quick migration to future 4G platforms and beyond
  • Affordable data rate plans offer a cost-effective alternative to hardwired systems
  • Unique Digi SureLink™ “always-on” connection maintains network for rapid airtime on-demand communications
Digi Network

With the Digi TransPort WR21 VPN backup solution in place, a retailer is assured that even if the primary network connection is lost, critical data such as point-of-sale information, credit card transactions and inventory data will still be transmitted back to the corporate home office. This failsafe solution reduces loss of sales due to network downtime and provides a reliable backup connection in the event of another outage.

Digi TransPort® WR Family
3G/4G enterprise-class cellular routers